HR Consultancy Services

Baker Tilly Mehmood Idrees Qamar HR Consultancy Services brings you specialist HR and development expertise. No matter what challenges you face our team of experts can work closely with you to deliver practical and vigorous HR development solutions that ensure you a workable and successful result. Our strength is the extensiveness of expertise and experience that our consultants can offer you.

HR Consultancy

Our consultants are specialized in developing Strategy, Structure, HR Policies, Procedures and Documents by keeping in view local  labour laws in line with your strategic objectives. We also believe in the strong implementation of policies and invest highly professional change management efforts during the implementing of the solution.

Organizational Development
OOrganizational Development at Baker Tilly Mehmood Idrees Qamar aims to address the developmental needs of companies. We cater to the Training and  Learning needs of corporate employees in the technical domain  along with the essential soft skills required in today’s competitive world.

Compensation & Benefits Management Consultancy
Employers today increasingly require more inventive remuneration packages whilst retaining cost effectiveness.Compensation & benefits are key to the motivation and retention of executives and employees, and compensation packages can be structured to achieve human resources and strategic goals.

We assist organizations in determininghow much and how to pay in order to engage and motivate their employees. We know that employees place high value on their benefits, so we can design discretionary benefit plans that meet your company’s goals and budget constraints and are valued by your employees. By doing so, employees gain a better understanding of the value of their cash and non-cash compensation and benefits, which in turn, positively impacts employee retention and individual productivity.

Our Consultants assist organizations in the design and implementation of total compensation and benefit plans and also advice on how to market and communicate the package among employees to maximize their perceived value of the company’s investment. We offer a fully-integrated total compensation and benefits consultancy service that includes the below:

  • Establishing Pay Rates
  • Setting Incentive Pay, Commissions, Bonuses, & Employee Recognitions
  • Designing Legally Required Benefits
  • Designing Discretionary Benefits according to Company Strategy