Audit & Assurance Services

An audit is much more than a formality – It is a real necessity to protect a business and encourage it to thrive. Early warnings, open communication and pragmatic resolution of issues are all essential features of our approach. At Baker Tilly Mehmood Idrees Qamar this quality-led approach requires us to provide an intelligent, constructive and challenging audit to every one of our clients. We consistently adhere to the highest standards, demonstrating technical excellence and the highest audit quality. We maintain excellent relationships with our clients by taking the time to truly understand their business and provide a quality led, risk focused service.

Statutory Audit
The firm’s approach in this practice segment is risk-based in that it considers the organization as a whole, while considering the overall industry and the economic environment in which it operates.The firm’s methodology provides a continuous audit process by staying in touch with clients round the year, keeping them updated with changing conditions and providing ongoing feedback on business decisions that could affect financial statements.

Internal Audit
This practice segment provides services in enhancing the scope and approach of the existing internal audit function of clients by providing advice, re-engineering and coordinating the internal audit department.

We can help our clients transform their internal audit department by making it more risk focused-aligning the internal audit effort with risks that may threaten the achievement of the business objectives and corporate mission. We will provide you with a tailored strategic approach to help identify and understand specific operational and financial risks; to define an acceptable level of risk; and to identify and focus on the opportunities available.

Forensic Audit
Based on our financial and audit backgrounds, our forensic audit team is involved in finding facts in order to resolving commercial or legal disputes, or even instances of fraud. The forensic audit is an activity that consists of gathering, verifying, processing, analyzing and reporting on data in order to obtain facts and/or evidence – within a predefined context – in the area of legal/financial disputes and or irregularities (including fraud) and providing preventative advice.

Regulatory assistance includes, making sense of accounting records, which have been seized but appear to be incomplete, or to analyze them in order to determine the extent of losses or the destination of any stolen assets, identifying relevant documents for seizure.